Questions or Problems Logging In?

Please check the notes below before contacting our technical support line.

If you see an "Invalid Login" message:
  • Check your keyboard to ensure that Caps Lock is turned off.
  • If your Login Name and Password were sent to you electronically, copy and paste them into the same fields on the login page. This will ensure that you are not, for example, mistakenly typing a 'zero' instead of the letter 'o.'
If you see a 'cookies' error message:
  • Check to ensure that your Web browser has been configured to accept cookies. The accept cookies feature may have been disabled on the computer you are using. See your browser's Help menu for information on cookies. (Look under Privacy, Security, or Preferences.)
If you have forgotten your password:
  • If you do not know your login name or password, please contact the account administrator of your school or districtís account to reset your login information. If you are the account administrator and have forgotten your password, please email and a password update will be sent to you.
Secure Mode and Standard Mode (if available)
  • Secure Mode uses Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption for all data exchanged between your browser and our Web server. For your protection, Secure Mode is the default.
  • Standard Mode uses unencrypted transmission of data between your browser and our Web server. If SSL is not supported by your network, try using Standard Mode.
If you need further assistance, please e-mail us at or phone us at 800-225-0248.